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Technical Support

Matstrutt Nig. Ltd carries out biweekly inspection for all equipment under her care, this is to eliminate or minimize unexpected breakdown of the equipment. To this effect, we have in our possession the latest technological fault finding software which will be used by our team of professional engineers to detect and tackle any impending breakdown to your machineries.

Good maintenance and repair procedures contribute significantly to the safety of the maintenance crew as well as that of machine operators. The variety and complexity of machines to be serviced, the hazards associated with their power sources, the special dangers that may be present during machine breakdown, and the severe time constraints often placed on maintenance personnel all make safe maintenance and repair work difficult.

Training and aptitude of people assigned to these jobs makes them alert for the intermittent electrical failure, the worn part, the inappropriate noise, the cracks or other sign that warn of impending breakage or that a safeguard has been damaged, altered, or removed. By observing machine operators at their tasks and listening to their comments, maintenance personnel learn where potential trouble spots are and given them early attention before they develop into sources of accidents and injury. Sometimes all that is needed to keep things running smoothly and safely is machine lubrication and adjustment. Any damage observed or suspected are to be reported to the company; if the conditions impairs safe operation, the machine will be put out of service for repair. Safeguards that are missing, altered,or damaged also should be reported so appropriate action can be taken to insure against worker injury or further machine damage.

Matstrutt Nig. Ltd.  pays particular attention to your equipment health,the sound, the running and the output. Your equipment cleanliness is also very  important hence we carry out thorough cleaning after every maintenance service.

Matstrutt Nig. Ltd.  Follows the maintenance standard of FG  Wilson of 200 usage hour for tropical environment or maximum of 90days.

The following is done during our maintenance:
General inspection
Lubrication service
Turborcharge r inspection
Air filter condition
Cooling system service
Fuel system service
Servicing and testing starting batteries
AC & DC voltage check
Engine safety and controls

Regular engine exercise
With my foundations developed on the service a diesel powered generator business I can assure you that some of the services are:
Extended generator lifetime
Increased generator reliability
Optimized maintenance cost and minimized repair costs
Easy to plan maintenance budget

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